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You can sleep calmly, being sure that the Nanny is keeping watch on your infant as he sleeps. The Nanny  is  appropriate for all children as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can suddenly impact even a full-term and rather healthy infant, however it is an outright should for kids with a low birth weight or born prematurely.

Kids under one year have irregular breathing and for unclear reasons it occasionally takes place that a baby “forgets” to breath in. However, breathing arrest may likewise occur for various other reasons (vomit, symptom of a health problem, swallowing of a little item, and so on).

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 Timely alerting

The Nanny infant breath monitor warns you in time if your child is in risk. You will certainly be acoustically and optically informed if your baby does not draw a breath for even more than 20 seconds (SIDS, disease, throwing up, etc.) or if the breathing frequency drops below 8 inhalations per minute.


Trusted top quality medical product

Nanny is a top quality item that is certified as a clinical gadget and is utilized in many maternity healthcare facilities. The baby breath monitor is really simple to use and maintain. You just have to place the sensing pad in the infant’s bed and connection it to the control system.