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The Granny Panic Button Alarm System

Assistance at the press of a buttonPanic alarms

It acts and looks like a conventional desktop phone however works like a mobile phone. When the help button is pressed the phone immediately calls and/or texts predefined “ rescue” numbers (which can be phone numbers of family members, physicians, carers or neighbours).

Thanks to Granny,  senior citizens can remain in their home environment as long as possible without stressing, they will stay without help when it come to a mishap or health trouble. The kit can be extended to a smoke alarm or a wall button that can be placed near a bed or in the washroom.

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TEXT and telephone call

Phone control and SMS writing is so easy that even your Grandma can manage it. You can set up relative numbers which are rang by the quick-dial buttons and Grandma can call you by merely pressing a single button. You can remain in touch any place you are.


Help in an emergency

There are up to 5 predefined numbers, which can be called, in an emergency and then help is on its way. The individual aid button can be utilized in the shower and requires no upkeep due to the long battery lifetime.