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Jablotron 100 Commercial Business Alarm

Comparing the OASIS with the JA-100 alarm system

We hope that the presented comparison below will help you to choose your system, further reading is presented if you press the link on the pictures below. Should you need any further advice, please contact us.

The table below gives a comparison of the control panel features from both security systems: the OASiS (JA-82K) and the JA-100 system (JA-101K and JA-106K). With its modular building block structure you are always able to create and configure a flexible system that fits your (changing) needs over time. When selecting a system it is only possible to have it installed by a Jablotron certified installer.

Talk to your Security Installer and ask for an Oasis or JA100 system OR call Future Security on 061 379000 or 087 2433033.

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