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The Azor Start – A simple wireless alarm with intuitive controlDIY alarm

Even an alarm can be intuitively controlled without any stress! And in a similar way to which a light is switched on and off ! And all without complicated installation !

Azor is a simple wireless alarm with intuitive control, ideal for flats, cottages, garages, offices and small shops.

The full comfort a user will benefit from by using the alarm is especially due to its easy operation and installation. The installation is also environmentally friendly thanks to the wireless system.



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Devices in the kit are factory configured for immediate use and you can easily add more devices.



The kit is for the basic and easy installation of the Azor system.


  • 1x GSM control unit (AZ-10K)
  • 1x RFID tag reader (AZ-10D)
  • 1x Motion detector (AZ-10P)
  • 1x Door-opening detector (AZ-10M)
  • 2x RFID tag (AZ-10T)
  • AC Adapter, backup battery and accessories.

Intuitive and easy operation

The AZOR alarm is operated as easily as any lighting. By applying an access tag to the alarm reader which resembles a conventional light switch, you carry out authorisation followed by simply pressing on it to either activate or deactivate it. Easy operation for everyone !AZOR_Control


Environmentally friendly installation

The combination of a wireless and wired solution offered by the AZOR alarm allows environmentally friendly but also very affordable installation at your property.