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House Alarms

The Jablotron Oasis  is a wireless alarm system designed to give maximum protection to your home or business. It can be used as a house alarm or used to protect businesses, schools, factories.  This system is far more sophisticated than other burglar alarms, however,  as it can report theft, fire, gas leak, flooding, risk of freezing, intrusion and other possible events.House alarms

The Oasis security system can be configured as a wired or wireless system.  Wired and wireless devices can also be combined, so it is possible to have it completely wireless, wired, or a combination of the two.   It uses an encrypted protocol in the 868MHz band range  which has an outdoor range of up to 600m , its lithium batteries have typical life of 3 years and it has hidden antennae which allow  continuous monitoring of the wireless sensors every 9 minutes.

The Oasis system has an option of a wireless motion sensor with a built in camera, which will send real-time images to mobile phones and remote computers. These images will allow a remote user to see what has been detected by the motion sensors and take appropriate action, such as forwarding the images of a person breaking into a building to An Garda Síochána.

Access Control

The system can also control access to a building by use of numeric keypad code, a RFID chip in a card with card reader or key-fob. The system also offers home automation, e.g. remote control of appliances, heating control, automatic gates, lights, door locks.

With the Oasis security system, it is possible to protect the entire house or protect via three levels of partial arming. The system can also be split to allow two homes or businesses to share a system.


Insurance approved house alarms

The system carries a EN 50131-1 grade 2 certification, which  is recognised by insurance companies, in order to offer discounts on house insurance premiums, to their customers. An extra discount can be obtained from some insurance company, if smoke alarms are fitted.


3 different types of communicators can be used to communicate to the outside world.

  • A GSM communicator. Very advanced, allowing remote control and programming. When monitored can prevent GSM blocking, by sending very frequent data to alarm receiving centre. Up to 8 numbers can receive texts and 1 or 2 monitoring stations can be used.
  • A LAN communicator: – It does not use the GSM network, but combines the Internet LAN connection  and traditional phone lines for SMS & voice via CLIP.  A LAN communicator is adequate when  a reliable connection to the Internet and a phone line are available. The LAN connection doesnt need any specialised setup of a local network ,it just plugs into a router or to an internet laptop.
  • A telephone line communicator: – For voice message alarm telephone calls for up to 4 users. A telephone communicator can be combined with a GSM dialer to act as a backup.


The OASIS is primarily a house alarm system, which is also suitable for small businesses. If you require a more comprehensive business  alarm system, check out the Jablotron 100 system.